imageIt is easy to talk to your Angel if you believe that it is possible. I was told by an Angel whisperer that I had four Angels by my side at all times. I was skeptical at first but I realized that I was not tuning in to listen and feel their presence. I began to train my senses to try to become more aware of the Angels. I decided to give each a name. I chose the names of some of the archangels. Then I called them separately by name. I also prepared the ambience. I used lavender scented candles and picked a quiet spot to start our talk. I could sense a very peaceful presence once I became still and present. I usually close my eyes and try to visualize my angels. I let them know how happy it makes me to have them close. The sensation is amazing. My talk is similar to one I would have with my parents or mentor. It works for me.

Please share your experiences in your comments. Happy connecting with your Angel.