He spoke very little of his tour during WWII

Memories march through

every now and then

many of his fallen infantry buds

and his only one very best friend

visit him in dreams

where they pretend

to be alive again.


shaken by day and night

stressful combat and depression

Bravery was the rule

no one should be a fool

Life and liberty

needed to be defended

by the Greatest Generation

they certainly comprehended

the meaning of  true brotherhood.


Some survived by the Grace of God

Healed by those they called angels.

Some preferred not to have lived

without a limb or two.

Who knew he would live to be ninety-two.


On this Memorial Day however

he remembers how he is

the only one left to fight

the memories and tears.

He is the only one that knows

the unfulfilled dreams

that have remained in

the tombs of the

unknown soldiers.

Some barely eighteen

and too young to know the real fears.


He claims it was his guardian angel

who came to his rescue

on a that very dark day on a beach,

But he cannot remember it’s name.

to him it is really all the same

no one else is here to share

the victory.

Bugles play taps

Sadness and morning

all a part of our history.


America the Beautiful

is sung by the chorus

On Memorial Day

only one thing truly matters

The Greatest Generation

should never be forgotten.


Army Angel