Nature is full of surprises. It introduces you to the miracle of life everyday. Today we found a fawn laying in our front lawn. We thought it was injured at first because it was not moving. It seemed to be in fetal position. Little did we know that it was just waiting for its mama to come back.

We watched quietly as not to startle it.I was fearful the fawn would not see its mother again. A few hours passed when we saw a very beautiful doe looking toward the house. The fawn ran to her and immediately started feeding. It was beautiful.

I could not help but think about my newborn granddaughter. (who by the way is my bright angel) and how she looks at her mother with such unconditional love and how she knows that my darling daughter is her mother. She knows mother is life’s force. I can’t imagine my granddaughter being left alone for a second to fend for herself. But then I remembered that she has a guardian angel. How do I know this? I pray for her protection every day.

I cannot speak for the doe and her fawn. I imagine nature has a plan for them. The one thing I do know is mother nature has a special way of helping us to see the beauty and glory in all living things.

Fawn Feeding