I finally get what it means. “Don’t worry be happy.”

I started reading Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to be loving instead of too nice by Doreen Virtue.  Even though I do not consider myself to be an Earth Angel, I worry about many things a lot which according to the book is characteristic of an Earth Angel.

When you worry it creates tension and can actually affect your health and well-being. Of course we all worry about our love ones. The problem is when you worry all the time. I have suffered from severe back pain for the majority of my adult life. Can this pain stem from my constant worry?

I must heed to the advice in the book. It is a great read by the way. No more worrying for me. We attract the very thing that we worry about by worrying. The author suggests you write down what worries you and not keep things inside. This is the reason why some people develop cardiovascular disease.

I inherited my worry genes from my mother. She was a strong lady but she did have a tendency to worry quite a bit. She did have a hard life. She lost her first husband at age twenty-eight and was left with two young girls. She remarried and was widowed again. She also lived through very tough economic woes. So I guess she was entitled to worry. I want to change the trend. I drive my children nuts sometimes. I will call them to make them aware of a recall or some event that made me worry about them. They rather keep things from me so I do not worry. When I find out about something they could have shared with me then I get upset. I tell them I will worry about them until the day I kick the bucket. But deep inside I wish I could free myself from having to worry about things that are so unlikely to happen in the first place.

I have to work on this behavior. I will ask my angel to help me with this. So my mantra will be “Don’t worry be happy.”


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