Angel Pavillion archives poems and art and personal accounts about the divine world of angels.

Clouds 12

I have believed in angels all my life. As a child I believed they were around to protect me because my mother reminded me of this every evening before I went to sleep. I have experienced small happenings that convinced me that there had to be an angel around at a specific moment.

I met this woman who told me that I had several angels that protected me all the time. I have read many books on the subject as well. I am not an expert but I like to think that I what I know I can share with others. If what you find here somehow comforts you so be it. There is nothing magical or mystical but you will notice evidence of a certain belief system that manifests itself in art and poetry.

I will share ideas and thoughts others have professed in books. I will include a bibliography and some references for your perusal.

I invite you to share your experiences with your angels. According to some authors angels are beings of light and they have never been human beings. Sometimes we like to think and believe that a person who has passed looks over us and protects us somehow. We may even call them our very own personal angel. I suppose it is all in how we perceive and believe.

I believe that God must be very busy all the time and thus He has angels to help us be still and present. Therefore I thought it was important to create an Angel Pavillion for inspiration and creativeness to blossom. You know like the line in the movie Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come.”

I look forward to your feedback and personal accounts. If you do not have an angel yet, who knows you may find one here.


Love to Hear From You

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