Angel Pavillion archives poems and art and personal accounts about the divine world of angels.

I draw many faces from my imagination. Sometimes I ask myself where are these distinct faces coming from. I may have dreamed about someone and the image stayed in my mind long enough for me to paint it. Most of the people I encounter in my dreams are not people I know. But for some reason I remember specific features and try to reproduce them in pencil drawings or on my iPad.

I have very vivid dreams. I always say I dream in Technicolor and 3D. A story usually unfolds in my dreams but when I wake I cannot remember the plot. But I do remember that during the dream I am so intrigued with the characters that appear. I am hoping to develop strategies for recalling details and the events and write about them. I like to think that some of these faces may be angels visiting me during my hours of deep slumber. This page will exhibit and showcase some angel art. Artists are welcomed to exhibit their work. Just write a comment and email me your story or art.

I would love to hear from and collaborate on projects.




Illuminated Angel

This is my angel of illumination. The face looks familiar but I have never actually seen or have met anyone that looks like this portrait.



This started as a watercolor splash and the next thing I knew was that I was drawing this angel.


This is my very own angel. I drew her shortly after the passing of my older sister. I loved my sister with al my heart. She was like a mother to me. In a way she resembles my sister.




Pink Guardian Angel

I do not remember who gave me this card. I do not know the artist but I think it is so beautiful. I believe this angel protects my three beautiful grandchildren.


Love to Hear From You

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Angel Pavillion archives poems and art and personal accounts about the divine world of angels.

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