Yesterday we had a small scare,

but my angels came to the rescue.

They ushered my dear son through

a few medical tests to find out what was wrong.

He was strong!


Serenity took over

and filled my heart with peace.

The room filled with the unique aroma of clover

and all was at ease.


Our faith stands tall

and so did my son.

We knew all would be well

when all was said and done.


Angels will come when you call them

at times just like these.

You know they are around you,

because of the sweetness of the breeze,

and the chirping of the bluebirds

is as clear as early morn.


You know the sun will shine soon

and there will be no storm.


Thank you my dear angel

for protecting my dear son.

Thank God for sending you

our way.

Be by his side always

to keep him safe and healthy.