Yellow Winged angels

This is my interpretation of an angel of abundance. According to Doreen Virtue “Abundance is our natural spiritual state of being, and we’re constantly surrounded by Divine beings who want to protect and nurture us, and help us achieve our potential.”

I believe this to be true. Yesterday I watched a program about how a large number of former military service women have ended up homeless. The reality of this is unacceptable. Fortunately, something is being done about this issue but more nerds to be done to create more affordable housing for these courageous women who served our country well. I remembered what Ms. Virtue explains in her book. I am sure that more people ( including myself) would love to help these women but so much of life gets in the way. I immediately prayed and asked God and His angels to intervene and provide abundance of housing for all the homeless in our country. I watched the news and was saddened by all the destruction caused by severe storms, tornadoes and flooding. I prayed for them as well. I believe that our prayers will help. Please pray for all these who are suffering because they do not have a safe place to live. In a way I believe we can all be angels of abundance.